Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Candice is a nice squirrel who, despite her many wonderful qualities, definitely needs to work on being more assertive. Candice has always been highly suspicious of absurdly-handsome men—as a general rule, they’re too relaxed, they don’t seem to understand boundaries, and they can make you feel invisible—and unfortunately, her new neighbor, Daryl, is no exception. Daryl’s only been in her home for a few minutes, and he’s already helped himself to her hot dogs, grabbed way too much beer out of her fridge, and taken half his clothes off. And that chair? That’s Candice’s chair. Not a guest chair, not a boyfriend chair—it’s Candice’s chair. At this point, Candice is sort of hoping that Daryl tells her he’s married or a serial killer so she can kick him out of her house without seeming too rude, but so far, all he wants to talk about is how good her hotdogs are. He's already had two. 

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