Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Bastien is a weary traveler who has unfortunately stumbled into the wrong inn to spend the night, for this quaint little B&B is run by Ma Hatchett and her three beautiful daughters, Pull-Tab, Spot, and Grits, who, despite their genteel appearance, are all cold-blooded killers. Usually, the Hatchetts wait until their guests retire for the night before they start a-stabbing and a-robbing, but they haven’t had any visitors for a good couple of weeks, so at the risk of Bastien slipping out without paying his bill in the middle of the night, they’ve decided to all greet him at the front door, fully armed and ready to stab, before he’s even had a chance to sign the guest register or check out his room for the night. Oh, if only he’d picked a Holiday Inn or some recognizable chain hotel, but no, he had to go with the quirky stop just outside of town instead.

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