Friday, December 18, 2020

Dustin has come to the grim conclusion that the part of the birch tree he just moved into happens to be haunted. Pictures keep falling off the walls, doors open and close of their own volition, and the scratching of non-squirrel feet can be heard at all hours in the parts of the tree too skinny and termite-ridden for Dustin to safely investigate. However, trying to coax a priest way up into this part of the tree has proven impossible, so Dustin has been left to deal with the ghost on his own. His first step? Set out a lovely dinner and a place setting for the ghost in the hopes that the two of them can sit down together and have a peaceful conversation about how to coexist. Dustin has made up a list of things he can do to accommodate the ghost’s schedule, and he hopes that when the ghost eventually comes to the table, he or she will have something similar to present to him.

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