Friday, October 30, 2020

Celeste is a local author who lives in the maple tree out front. Celeste is here at one of her favorite bookstores to autograph copies of her newest release, “Lots of Hugs,” a cozy, romantic non-thriller that takes place almost entirely in some guy’s fancy garden and is mostly about how much this guy and this girl like hugging each other and smashing their faces together and making weird nonsensical sounds while they do it. While most critics have been relatively gentle when reviewing Celeste’s work, the one noticeable flaw that runs through almost every single one of her books is the fact that she insists on writing about people and from a human point of view without seeming to know anything about people or what motivates your average human. One day, when she can relax and take time to write something more serious, more legacy-oriented, she plans to write at least one book that is just about squirrels, perhaps two, but that time is too far away to think about right now.

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