Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Joy is trying very hard to not feel neglected. Her best friend, Sandra, is a writer, and lately, all Sandra wants to do is sit at her desk and work and work and work and that’s it. She’s barely changed her clothes or washed her hair in days, and Joy is pretty sure that’s just not healthy. Every time Joy comes over and tries to get Sandra to do something fun, like go to the beach, or shopping, or out to lunch, Sandra just grumbles, “I’ve gotta finish this,” and doesn’t seem to notice how much this hurts Joy’s feelings. And really, what’s the big deal? Joy took some writing classes in college—which is where she and Sandra met--and honestly and thought they were boring. If Sandra was a true friend, she’d learn to have a regular work schedule like a normal person, and make time for the people outside of her stories every once in a while.

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