Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Charmaine is the manager for Bounce, the most popular squirrel band in the world. She's been managing the band since she and Yeet were in college together, back when no one knew who they were, and was responsible for setting up some of their first paying gigs, including bookings at high school proms all over town. However, ever since their last record, “NUTS!” hit platinum almost overnight, she’s begun hearing rumors that the band’s planning on ditching her to sign with a real agency, and the thought just makes her so sad she can’t sleep. In fact, she’s hasn’t left her office for the past three days, making her little charts and planning her next big move for the band, hoping to come up with something so impressive that when they all get together for coffee next week, the boys’ll have to admit she is the best manager any group could ever have.

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